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Why Modern VMSs Should Include Direct Sourcing Capabilities: Insights from Tracz Consulting

In most industries, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve; in the constantly changing field of managing contingent workers, staying ahead is essential. At Tracz Consulting, we firmly believe that modern Vendor Management Systems (VMS) also referred to as Extended Workforce Technologies (EWT) should incorporate direct sourcing capabilities to maintain a competitive edge and deliver unparalleled value. Our extensive expertise in contingent workforce consulting has demonstrated that innovative VMS features can significantly elevate talent management strategies for enterprise buyers, staffing suppliers, technology providers, and private equity firms. Direct sourcing is indispensable, and our collaboration with a newcomer to the contingent workforce sector exemplifies the transformative potential of this approach.

 Enhancing VMS Competitiveness with Direct Sourcing

 Boosting Competitive Advantage

Imagine your Vendor Management System (VMS) as a superhero with direct sourcing capabilities as its secret weapon. By providing advanced direct sourcing solutions, VMS platforms can enhance talent acquisition, engagement, and retention. This distinguishes the platform from its competitors and establishes it as a leader in the extended workforce technologies (EWTs) market.

 Expanding Market Share

The demand for efficient talent acquisition methods is increasing rapidly. Companies are looking for innovative solutions to attract and keep high-quality contingent workers. VMS platforms with direct sourcing capabilities can meet this demand and, as a result, capture a larger share of the contingent workforce market.

 Generating Additional Revenue

Integrating direct sourcing features can generate new revenue streams akin to discovering hidden treasure in your own backyard. Offering these advanced capabilities as premium services helps attract more clients and enhances the value provided to existing clients, thereby driving revenue growth.

 Enhancing Client Satisfaction and Retention

A more efficient and effective talent acquisition process leads to higher client satisfaction. Clients' loyalty increases When they experience smoother recruitment efforts, resulting in better retention rates and long-term partnerships. It’s like finding a barber who gives the perfect haircut every time—you’ll never go anywhere else.

Strategic Benefits of Direct Sourcing Capabilities

 Strengthening Employer Branding

Direct sourcing enables companies to effectively showcase their culture, values, mission, and benefits, which helps attract top-tier candidates. It also aids in building a strong future talent pipeline through skills-based recruiting. Think of it as enhancing your online dating profile - you want to attract the best matches.

 Improving Candidate Engagement and Experience

Providing a positive candidate experience is crucial. Direct sourcing ensures effective communication, timely feedback, and a streamlined application process. Treating candidates like customers and enhancing retention of top talent. It’s like offering free Wi-Fi and comfy seats at your coffee shop—customers will keep coming back.

 Leveraging Referrals

Utilizing the networks of existing highly skilled talent through automated referrals can quickly and cost-effectively close talent gaps, resulting in faster time-to-fill and reduced recruitment costs. It's akin to having your best friend set you up on a date—trustworthy and efficient.

 Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Initiatives

Direct sourcing capabilities allow for the integration of various talent communities, which ensures ongoing access to a wide and diverse pool of talent that aligns with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) goals. This capability enhances the overall value proposition of the Vendor Management System (VMS). It's akin to hosting a party and making sure that every attendee feels genuinely welcomed and included.

 Maximizing Social Media Reach

Expanding connections with potential candidates on platforms like LinkedIn, healthcare-focused websites, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok extends our reach and enhances engagement, guaranteeing that the VMS leverages all accessible talent pools. It's akin to casting a broader net when fishing - we're certain to reel in some exceptional talent.

 Building Dynamic Talent Communities

Moving from static talent pools to dynamic communities fosters ongoing engagement and mutual benefit. These communities prioritize why talent would want to be part of the community, leading to a more engaged and motivated talent pool. It's akin to joining a club where everyone shares your interests, making it more likely for individuals to stay involved.

 Case Study: Fueling Innovation in the Contingent Workforce Space

The recent partnership with a new participant in the contingent workforce sector has highlighted the significant benefits of direct sourcing. Through our guidance, the client has delved into advanced functionalities beyond the fundamental features, realizing substantial advantages. This strategic shift has not only enhanced their talent acquisition process but also positioned them as a pioneering force in the realm of contingent workforce management. It's akin to propelling a newcomer to the forefront of the industry.


Tracz Consulting is committed to advancing contingent workforce management by influencing providers to integrate direct sourcing capabilities into modern VMS/EWT platforms. Our expertise in contingent workforce consulting, management, and extended workforce technologies positions us as the go-to partner for technology providers, enterprise buyers, staffing suppliers, and private equity firms. Embrace the future of talent management with Tracz Consulting's innovative solutions to elevate your VMS platform. Contact them today for more information on how they can support your journey. Remember that the future of managing a contingent workforce is all about taking a leading role, not just dancing in the chorus line!

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