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Case Study: Tracz Consulting & VNDLY Partnership yields substantial ROI for one of the world’s largest scientific organizations.

December 15, 2020

Tracz Consulting & VNDLY have teamed up to provide extended workforce management services and technology to two clients. In support of one of those customers, the world’s largest scientific society, the partnership results demonstrated in a case study released today and available for download. The customer benefited from the speed of selection of the VMS (vendor management system), implementation, and operationalization to yield the customer immediate process efficiencies and actual hard dollar cost savings that created a substantial return on investment. 

Webinar: Ways to Rebound Your Business Using Non-Employee Method

September 10, 2020

Is your organization ready to start rebounding from your lost business and displaced workers during the pandemic?  

Many companies are considering using various forms of non-employee labor such as temporary workers and independent contractors (IC’s) as their way to revitalize their business. If you run a business or serve on a team that is responsible for your business, you will love hearing from our speaker. 

Tracz Consulting's principal consultant, Cheryl Tracz to join Connie Wendt for for “Ways to Rebound Your Business Using Non-Employee Methods”, a complimentary webinar on September 17th, 2020, 2:00 PM EDT.


Connie Wendt, Vice President Compliance & Relations at ClearPath, who is on a mission to change the way companies leverage the Gig Economy and provide our clients aid on engaging IC’s compliantly, is the host of this webinar.

In our upcoming webinar we will address some case studies and lessons learned: 

  • Client who did not understand the difference between W-2 Contractor and IC and how applying tough tenure rules would have inhibited their access to W-2 workers who don’t pose a risk. 

  • Misclassified IC’s, why they were misclassified 

  • Abiding by the recommendations rendered from your partner on the employment classification of workers.

  • Streamlining your workforce management providers for EOR / AOR. A client who had a “patchwork of partners” the overhead to manage that, the complexities with the various risk tolerances and the benefits of identifying one strategic partner. 

  • Options for contingent workforce management. Is the MSP/VMS model antiquated? Self-Managed program option

Please join us by registering here.

Celebrating One Year!

April 27, 2020

Atlanta, Georgia USA — Exciting News: Tracz Consulting, LLC is celebrating its first year in business.


Principal Consultant Cheryl Tracz, CCWP is proud and grateful to announce that this week  Tracz Consulting celebrates a remarkable and enjoyable first year in the contingent workforce consulting space. From the care and support of an amazing mentor during her first years in this industry, almost twenty years ago, to a first anniversary, Cheryl has guided Tracz Consulting through a remarkable year of milestones and success. 


As a hallmark of her mentor’s tutelage, Cheryl has fostered strong and meaningful relationships with customers, partners, and team members. These relationships have resulted in over a dozen new projects in our first 12 months, supporting each of the three service lines for Enterprise Clients, Technology Providers, and Staffing Suppliers.  


Cheryl would like to express her most sincere gratitude for all our network partners: THANK YOU! Tracz Consulting has truly begun to Blossom, we know our mentor would be proud.


And as always, Cheryl wants you to know that if you ever have any questions or need for support, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Exciting News

May 17, 2019

Atlanta, Georgia USA — Exciting News: Tracz Consulting, LLC is open for business.


Many people familiar with fast-paced and dynamic nature of the contingent workforce industry may know or have previously engaged with Cheryl Tracz, CCWP. 


After nearly two decades of direct experience and a demonstrable track record of success, Cheryl has joined the one-third of the American Workforce operating on a freelance basis. As such, April 29th, 2019 welcomed Tracz Consulting to the contingent workforce consulting space. 


Over the years Cheryl has worked with numerous Managed Service Providers and Vendor Management Systems capitalizing upon the Simple core strength of efficiently and effectively providing Solutions to Modern Workforce challenges. 


With this new freedom to grow and expand our knowledge base along with our wealth of industry experience, Tracz Consulting is already providing solutions to enterprise clients and staffing partners. Cheryl, her Associates Consultants, and our global network of Subject Matter Experts stands ready to serve enterprise clients, suppliers and technology providers.     


Cheryl wants you to know that if you ever have any questions or need for support, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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