Like most things, the workforce continues to evolve. Now, it is estimated that one in three workers or an estimated 160 million workers in the United States and Europe are now independent contractors. This presents a challenge to most organizations as very few have strong processes in place to address their contingent workforce, also known as non-employee labor. 


Tracz Consulting provides support through contingent workforce consulting to three types of organizations to assist in evolving the total talent management concept to include Staff Augmentation workers, Independent Contractors, and Statement of work consultants. 


Historically, Staffing Suppliers have been the primary provider of non-employee labor in contingent labor programs. Their support is in the form of staff augmentation hourly based workers.  These workers are employed by the staffing providers yet perform work for a client organization with the expectation that the work will be for a fixed duration. These workers are known as temps, contractors, temporary workers, or staff augmentation workers. Tracz Consulting provides contingent workforce consulting to staffing suppliers through a variety of services.

Tracz Consulting was founded with the intention of supporting enterprise clients. Whether you are in Human Resource, Operations, Information Technology, or Strategic Sourcing your team is impacted and in need of contingent labor. If you are considering a program, determing what model will best suit your organization (an Internally Managed program or Outsource MSP)  or deciding on a Vendor Management System (VMS), or are looking to elevate your program, Tracz Consulting has the experience and expertise to provide you with the support you need. We offer a variety of contingent workforce consulting services that modernize, simplify, and enhance your program, including implementation support, total talent management strategy,  supplier optimization, rate benchmarking and implementation, program health checks including process improvement, cost savings initiatives, and program revenue generation.

Technology Providers in the contingent workforce space are vendor management systems (VMS) or freelance management systems (FMS). These solutions are a critical component of the total talent management offering as their tools provide enterprise clients with the ability to acquire, onboard, ensure compliance, manage controls, provide reporting and visibility, and off-board non-employee labor. Technology providers both partner with Tracz Consulting in complementary services and also benefit from our contingent workforce consulting services.