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In today's dynamic workforce landscape, the rise of independent contractors has become a prominent trend, with an estimated 160 million workers in the United States and Europe now operating as freelancers. However, many organizations struggle to effectively manage this contingent workforce, commonly known as non-employee labor.

Tracz Consulting offers expert solutions in Contingent Labor Consulting, catering to three distinct organizational segments: Staff Augmentation workers, Independent Contractors, and Statement of Work consultants. Our specialized support helps organizations embrace the concept of total talent management, ensuring seamless integration of these vital workforce components.

With our professional expertise in Contingent Labor Consulting, we empower businesses to navigate the complexities of the non-employee workforce, optimize staffing supplier relationships, and unlock the full potential of Independent Contractors and freelancers. Let Tracz Consulting be your trusted partner in shaping a successful and agile workforce strategy. Contact us today to elevate your organization's talent management practices.

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