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Extended Workforce Strategy & Business Case

Partner Selection

Internally Managed Program

Program Assessment & Optimization 

Extended Workforce Change Management & Training 


Technology Implementation


Market Insights & Research

Design and manage the policies and processes by which you acquire non-employee labor within your organization. Gain insights into creative and emerging strategies, build your business cases, and have visibility to how Tracz Consulting clients had 4 to 5 times return on investment on our consulting!

Unbiased advisement and use of proven strategies to identify the most qualified, suitable partner for your organization. This includes Vendor Management Systems (VMS), now also called Extended Workforce Technologies (EWT), Outsourced Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Staffing Suppliers, Direct Sourcing Partners, and Employer of Record (EOR) /Agent of Record provider.

Whether launching your first extended workforce program or transitioning from a previously managed service partner, we will be your partner in contracts, operations, reporting, and much more to ensure you achieve the cost savings and control from a Self Managed Program.

Audit and evaluate your extended workforce program's health. Tracz Consulting will make recommendations based on your needs, goals, and insights into what has worked in other organizations. Gain cost savings, efficiencies, increase service level, and deploy feedback loops.

Create policies, processes, and changes that gain internal buy-in and are easily adopted.

Proven training content development and delivery for all audiences to include staffing suppliers.

Ensure you are categorizing your non-employee labor properly and paying the following exemption status guidelines. Identify workers within your extended workforce who are improperly classified and their financial and business risks to your organization. Tracz Consulting provides recommendations and strategies to remediate.

VMS, FMS,  or EWT. Expertise and experience to successfully roll out a new tool where adoption drives value back into your organization. Project Management, Change Management, Policy and process development, and much more!

Benchmark your program either in your rate card, supplier KPI, Program MSP SLA's through a thorough analysis of your program.

Advise on the competitive landscape for VMS/EWT, MSP, staffing providers, and research for providers and strategies, and much more.

Provide market information and intelligence on the various providers you might be considering.

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