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Few organizations have robust policies and processes for their non-employee labor force, yet most Human Resource leaders see an increased use of contingent workers as a highly effective way to address skill shortages and short term needs. Procurement organizations often manage all categories of spend yet do not have the experience or background to understand, source, operationalize, or manage contingent labor suppliers. Therefore, Tracz Consulting is able to assist enterprise clients by providing support for contingent workforce programs. 


Whether Issuing an RFP, Determining which program model suits your organization, or selecting a VMS technology Tracz Consulting has successfully supported multiple organizations.

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Tracz Consulting assists enterprise clients with building their business case and defining the current and desired future state to achieve an effective contingent workforce strategy. This includes determining the best program model that aligns with the organizational structure and aligning the contingent workforce sourcing options.  



Tracz Consulting has been involved in our 40 contingent workforce program implementations. We will augment your team, VMS, and or MSP provider by acting as a contingent workforce subject matter expert and assisting your organization in not only adopting the best in class program but also assist you in your total talent management strategy. Whether Implementing a phased program for staff augmentation or temporary workers, Independent contractors or freelances, or including statement of work providers Tracz Consulting has experience with each type of contingent labor category. Furthermore, We can assist you in your change management strategy to ensure adoption by your internal resources and partners.

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Worker compliance is complicated and the penalties for misclassification can be costly! Tracz Consulting has extensive experience with Independent Contractor compliance and worker classification. We can build out programs to assist your organization in understanding the issues, addressing the concerns, and establishing policies and procedures to ensure your organization has ongoing access to the unique skills provided by Independent contractors


Partner Selection

Tracz Consulting will assist you with determining the correct strategy for Whether you need a VMS, FMS, Or MSP partner Tracz Consulting will assist you with determining the correct strategy for your organization, whether deciding to do an RFQ, RFI, or RFP, we have extensive experience in developing, deploying and identifying partners for our clients.  We can work side by side with your sourcing team to assist in development of the questionnaire or work independently to develop facilitate and identify partners to include. We assist in the assessment of the potential partners and then also walk through the contract negotiations with our clients to ensure in not only selecting a partner but also ensuring market competitive rates and fees.

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Program Evolution and Optimization

Our contingent workforce consulting services can provide your human resources, strategic sourcing, or Information Technology stakeholders with an independent audit of your program. We would use our experience and expertise to conduct a health check on the program and access where your organization falls on a maturity model. Maturity Models exist for various business functions, Contingent Workforce programs also have a maturation process. Tracz Consulting can assist organizations either with outsourced Managed Service Providers (MSP) or Internally Managed Programs (IMP) in accessing their current program and aligning plans to evolve to the next level of maturity. Key components of this process include evaluating qualitative and quantitative measures such as supplier alignment, policy and process governance, program qualities, and measures. Additionally reviewing the technology supporting the process to determine if it is optimized to support the current and planned future state ensures the ongoing evolution towards total talent management.

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A La Carte Services

Tracz Consulting can provide services to clients to support current programs such as:

Program and Supplier KPIs and SLAs

Supplier Optimization Strategies

Rate Card Alignment