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Tracz Consulting

People Led. Data Driven

A straightforward approach to simplifying your Contingent (Extended) Workforce.

Tracz Consulting excels in facilitating connections within the contingent workforce and non-employee consulting realms. Our expertise lies in providing expert guidance, strategic planning, and effective implementation of enterprise workforce management solutions.

With a commitment to vendor neutrality and a track record of success, Tracz Consulting has enabled numerous enterprise organizations to make informed, efficient, and highly strategic decisions regarding their non-employee workforce. These decisions have consistently yielded impactful business outcomes, driving growth and success.


Most Requested Projects

Staffing Suppliers 

1. Pre-Program Planning and Business Case Development for Contingent Workforce Management

2. Self-Managed Program and Vendor Management System (VMS) Implementation for Contingent Workforce
3. RFP Development and Management for VMS, MSP, Direct Sourcing, IC/Compliance, Payrolling, and Staffing
4. Contingent Workforce Program Assessment, Maturity Mapping, and Optimization Services
5. Advisory Services for Contingent Workforce Program Strategy, including IC Compliance and Management and SOW Integration
6. Policy Development, Enforcement, and Risk Mitigation for Contingent Workforce Management
7. Supplier Optimization for Contingent Workforce Engagement

Enterprise Organizations
Users of External Labor

1. Supporting Staffing Suppliers in Earning New Business and Driving Growth
2. Expertise in Contingent Workforce Solutions as an Extension of Your Organization for Clients and Prospects
3. Enhancing Offerings with Hybrid or Managed Service Provider (MSP) Programs
4. Independent Contractor (IC) Compliance Support and Guidance
5. Workflow Assessments and Automation for Streamlined Operations
6. Development of Internal Scorecards for Performance Evaluation and Improvement

Sample Thought Leadership

Pre-Program Planning & Business case development

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