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UPDATE TO The benefits of issuing an RFI or RFP in the Contingent workforce space

Unveiling the Contingent Workforce Odyssey with Tracz Consulting: A Symphony of Expertise, Laughter, and Surprises

In the dynamic world of contingent workforce management, Tracz Consulting takes center stage, bringing expertise, humor, and insights to the forefront of Requests for Information (RFI) and Requests for Proposal (RFP). Join us for a thrilling rollercoaster ride through the intricacies of contingent workforce RFPs, extended workforce management, staff augmentation, and Vendor Management Systems (VMS).

Optimizing the Contingent Workforce Spectacle with Tracz Consulting Wit

1. Diverse Perspectives Explored:

   Crafting an RFP is akin to orchestrating a multi-ring circus, and at Tracz Consulting, we assemble a diverse committee of performers to bring their unique talents to the show. Collaborating on challenges and solutions, we present a dazzling RFP to providers. Picture this: a recent client's dilemma with conflicting departmental preferences – we juggled multiple approaches, requested proposals, and created a spectacle that guided the client toward an optimal solution.

   Joke Break: Why did the RFP go to the circus? To get the best proposal under the big top!

2. Business Case Support and Enhancement:

   Our cross-functional teams play the role of acrobats, gracefully maneuvering through the development of information documents for suppliers. Tracz Consulting understands that some flexibility and a somersault or two can enhance the business case with external insights. Like a circus act adapting to unexpected twists, we optimize plans, especially when a sourcing process wasn't initially part of the business case.

3. Systematic Partner Identification:

   Crafting RFP questions is a tightrope walk, and at Tracz Consulting, we set the criteria and weight them beforehand for a seamless performance. This strategic approach becomes a trapeze act, swinging gracefully even when internal groups hold differing viewpoints.

4. Exposure to New Providers:

   Enter the clown car of RFPs – it opens doors to a broader pool of suppliers, including competitors and potential partners. Using resources like Spend Matters and Sourcing Interest Group or having a consulting firm as your circus ringmaster ensures a comprehensive list of providers. Tracz Consulting, the circus master, guarantees visibility into all available options in the contingent workforce market.

5. Renewed Focus on Existing Partnerships:

   For organizations with incumbent providers, Tracz Consulting positions the RFP as the chance to bring comedy relief. With industry experience as our sidekick, we emphasize the potential for a fresh perspective on relationships, services, and pricing – don't forget to laugh because current providers might surprise you!

6. Identification of Varied or Alternate Solutions to Unknown Issues:

   Hold your hats – here's the unexpected twist! With Tracz Consulting at the helm, the RFP process doesn't just reveal solutions to known challenges; it uncovers hidden gems. Suppliers lay out their service portfolios, often surprising organizations with unique, niche, or specialized offerings. Clients might find themselves returning not for the solution they initially sought but for an unexpected treasure trove of expertise unveiled during the RFP response.

Tracz Consulting Success Story: A Comedy of Expertise and Surprises

Picture this: Tracz Consulting swoops in like a superhero to help an organization select a Vendor Management System and achieve go-live in just five weeks – faster than a speeding bullet! Over the next three years, our comedic expertise matured the organization's contingent workforce management. By categorizing extended workforce spend, we identified the need to correctly classify previously engaged 1099 NEC freelancers – talk about a plot twist! This success story showcases Tracz Consulting's ability to turn contingent workforce management into a comedy of transformative results.

In a recent engagement with one of our clients referenced in this blog, we included the incumbent payroll provider in the RFP process. We orchestrated an effort that allowed them to maintain their existing headcount while realizing a remarkable 10% savings on their support. Adding an extra layer of excitement, we identified a new provider to handle services for new EOR/Payroll candidates, offering a jaw-dropping 12% savings over the incumbent. Now, that's a performance worth applauding! So, whether you're at the beginning of the circus, juggling information, or midway through the show seeking optimization, Tracz Consulting, with its keyword-studded hilarity and a track record of successful client partnerships, is your go-to guide in the zany world of contingent workforce management. Grab your popcorn – it will be a laughter-filled and surprise-packed ride!

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