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Program Optimization Checklist

Could higher quality, more accurate feedback improve your program? Have you been too busy tackling other vital projects? Do you know if your MSP is doing everything it should for your program? Maybe you don't know where to start… Complete this checklist and find out if it's time for a tune-up or a complete overhaul:

I had an amazing mentor in Cathy Wingate early in my career. While working together and even afterward, she made a practice of sharing inspirational quotations that were applicable to her current work. Often, I would read these quotes and move on with my work. Until one day, she shared a quote attributed to Karl Pearson: "That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially." The fundamental truth of this axiom spoke to me. And I've had used and referenced it throughout my career. I have countless examples of how this works in program assessments, supplier scorecards, and even surveying user satisfaction.

To help measure and report upon whether your program is fully optimized or whether it's time to improve your program, we have built a checklist for you to use. Our checklist will provide you with a report on how your program ranks and how you could benefit from an overall assessment.

So, why do you need an assessment?

Tracz Consulting can help you formulate an effective external workforce strategy. A strategy that can take your program to the following levels of control, visibility, and satisfaction. We do this by using not best practices and proven strategies. These strategies are proven by our collective experiences with customers of various sizes, scopes, and verticals.

Return on Investment:

  • Tracz Consulting has a track record of providing customers with a FOUR to FIVE times Return on Investment when utilizing our services. Organizations spending just $50,000 on our services routinely save between $200K to $250K.

    • The ROI achievement is because we understand that the variable measurements that impact ROI are different for every organization. These measurements often include:

      • The MSP Program Team as well as Internal Stakeholder education and alignment. Alignment is key to creating increased user satisfaction and adoption to drive compliance and savings.

      • Configuration of your VMS or EWT (such as Fieldglass, Beeline, Etc) and potential introduction of new technologies, products, or services to increase new processes, sourcing channels, and or address gaps.

      • Implement process efficiency gains for users, suppliers, and workers

      • Improve key performance indicators and service levels agreements with financial penalties such as Time to Fill or User Satisfaction:

        • Managed Service Provider SLAs.

        • KPI management for better, faster service delivery from Staffing Suppliers.

      • Addressing your program's controls to create new opportunities for cost savings, cost measures, or cost minimization.

    • Addressing policies to ensure that they align with your organization's culture, executive sponsorship, and talent acquisition strategy.

    • Understanding that today's contingent worker is often tomorrow's hiring manager.

What Assessments look like:

  • The first step is documentation of your current policies, processes, use of technology, and supplier management. This documentation includes recommendations on achieving an improved state, immediate and longer-term improvements, and critical components to these are the steps to achieve the improvement.

  • Tracz Consulting will support these recommendations by providing you with a project plan highlighting the dependencies and prioritizing risks.

  • Additionally, we will provide you with a RA(S)CI matrix detailing program operations and the suggested project plan items.

  • Finally, we will provide ongoing monitoring of the output of our recommendations in the assessment. Tracz Consulting will measure and report upon the progress of the project plan to ensure alignment and understanding on the path forward.

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