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Independent Contractors

Tracz Consulting Can Match You to Skilled Independent Contractors and Freelancers.

Are you in search of a person with a specific set of skills but do not want to add anyone else to your steady pay-roll or do you need a temporary worker to do a job for a short while? Independent contractors and freelancers may be the solution you need to fulfil your need for temporary or occasional paid assistance. If you are looking for elegant solutions from a professional group of staffing experts give us a call today, or book a consultation.
We leverage the experience and skills of talented independent contractors and freelancers who can provide needed work at your company for a set period of time. These contingent workers are not to be considered space fillers or someone you will need to train extensively (aside from the specific ins and outs of your business), these independent contractors are recruited by our team. They are talented and have already proven to be industrious, hardworking and professional. Fill your shortage or hire a fresh set of eyes to address a specific project or issue and then they will be on their way at the end of the term until you need them again. You can hire as few or as many freelancers or independent contractors as you need on your terms. If you do not want to manage them you can enjoy total talent management from our end in the contract and if you do want more management of the independent contractors, well that's up to you as well. We are not here to complicate things, we are here to provide a staffing solution to your current problem in the way that you find most comfortable and fitting for your company's specific situation.

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