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Whether starting your first contingent workforce program or needing to optimize an existing program Tracz Consulting can support clients of various size, scope, and vertical. 

Client Service offerings include:

  •   Identification:

    •   Develop business cases for a contingent workforce programs

    •  Determination of self-management or outsourcing to a Managed Services Provider (MSP)

    •  Technology and MSP Provider Selection

  • Implementation:

    • Support, Design, and Project Management

      •  Change Management

      •  How to gain adoption

  • Compliance

    • Independent Contractor compliance & worker misclassification

    • Regulatory and legislative exposure (IC misclassification, FLSA, ACA, etc.)

    •   Co-employment and tenure management

  • 2nd generation: Is your current program optimized? Measure the success of your program through:

    • Independent Program Audits, Health Checks & Maturity mapping

    • Measuring SLAs and KPIs

  • Have an existing program yet need augmented support? Tracz Consulting can support

    • Rate Card Development​

    • Supplier scorecard development, supplier evaluation and optimization strategies

    • Analytics, Reporting and aggregating your data to ensure you are looking at relevant trends and critical paths to success

    • Process review, documentation and standard operating process or compliance documentation

  • Going to RFP?

    • ​​Determine what questions to ask & Information to provide

    • Change or maintain technology

    • Negotiation and renegotiation with Technology, MSP, or both.

  • Statement of work​

    • How and why you incorporate SOW management into your program?

    • ​​SOW Solution partner management